Developers commit to building connected car apps through AT&T Drive

Andijack News

AT&T has announced that six applications have been added to the company’s AT&T Drive connected car platform. Each app is voice enabled, and is geared towards providing drivers with new solutions for “better safety, infotainment, and convenience.”

The apps will be available for auto manufacturers to be included in their own connected car options, and provide drivers with a range of services including up-to-the-minute weather forecasts from AccuWeather, parking updates and personalized radio from Stitcher. Developers of the apps include, in addition to AccuWeather and Stitcher, Glympse, iHeartRadio, Streetline with the Parker app and Tribune Digital Ventures. Additionally, AT&T announced a sponsorship agreement with TeleCommunication Systems, Inc for the AT&T Drive Studio.

Chris Penrose, AT&T Emerging Devices senior vice president:

“Each of these apps provides an enhanced in-car esxperience for users while also keeping driver safety top of mind. AT&T Drive’s app selection was developed so that drivers could make…

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