What do Tom Cruise, Infant food, and NASA have in common?


NASA Orion

NASA’s Orion spacecraft successfully splashed down at about 11:30am ET yesterday (December 4, 2014) after lift off, two orbits, and re-entry that lasted just under 4 1/2 hours. The final goal is to use experiences like this to put astronauts on Mars someday.

This seminal news, unfortunately, escaped the attention of millions of Americans. News Media did not run with it as they do with many trivial matters. This is a huge problem. Why? Read on.

We have spent over $1 Trillion in the Iraq war.

It is really hard to digest this especially at the light of the fact that NASA has to beg the Congress to minimize budget cuts every year. NASA’s assigned budget in 2013 was roughly $17 Billion, 0.45% of the total Fed budget.

NASA’s budget was at its largest in 1966 ($43 Billion, 4.4% of the federal budget). If you are interested to find out…

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