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We’ve had a little bit of everything in the world of Android this week. Samsung surprised naysayers with a speedy Lollipop update kickoff for the Galaxy S5. Google pushed out a minor update to Nexus devices, bringing the software revision to Android 5.0.1. The two-face YotaPhone 2 finally made its actual debut, and we brought you our impressions of it. Some tantalizing rumors about Samsung’s and HTC’s upcoming flagships surfaced. And Google pushed out interesting updates to Messenger, News, and YouTube.

Inside AA HQ

Just minutes before we published last week’s edition, the subscriber counter on AA’s YouTube channel hit the magic figure – one million subscribers. We celebrated with our nicest giveaway yet. And, on Thursday, we live-streamed our celebratory hangout, starring all the video guys, plus Feisty from the writing team, and of course, our fearless leaders, Darcy and Derek. You can check it out here, in…

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