A new way to interact with live tile will be carried on to Windows 10


Lumia 9225 reppresent McLarenStarting the summer, we heard about the rumors of a Lumia device code named McLaren. However, we heard leaks came out of Microsoft that its own CEO rejected the idea due to lack of use for the 3D touch feature. But would the idea live on? Well, we have heard about the idea of a 3D live tiles interaction, exploding tiles when you hover your fingers over it, and while the McLaren project is dead, Windows (Phone) 10 is sure to be happening, and as Windows Central reports, the company will bring that interface to Windows 10.

According to the source, Microsoft is still developing the project, with the name Mixvew. Again, similar to the 3D interface that they had in mind, what will happen here is that when you tap a live tile, it will expand to other tiles that display the contents of the app, and touch anywhere…

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