Duet Makes Your iPad A No-Compromise Display For Your Mac


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iPad-as-secondary-display apps have been around almost as long as the iPad, but most who used them once have seldom used them since. These things mostly work over Wi-Fi, and work poorly over Wi-Fi at that, with unwatchable video performance, choppy animation and tons of lag, even in the best of circumstances. Duet, a new app from a team that includes ex-Apple display engineering talent, changes all of that with a secondary display experience on an iPad (or even an iPhone) that feels like magic.

I was initially highly sceptical of Duet founder Rahul Dewan’s claims regarding his app’s performance – lag free performance, even for games (on recent Macs) with 60fps refresh rates? Sounds like a “go home, you’re drunk” situation. But Duet manages it, and with minimal installation headaches, too.

The key to the magic is using a wired connection (via Lightning or 30-pin dock connector) and the…

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