Structure Data: From BuzzFeed to brain science


Gigaom’s Structure Data conference is just three months away — March 18 and 19 in New York — and it’s looking like our fifth one will be the best one yet. The goal of his year’s show is to highlight what’s possible now that “big data” technologies have matured, and to give attendees a view into a world where their data can power artificial intelligence as well as business intelligence.

We’re adding new speakers every day, but here are the ones we have confirmed so far. Their jobs are sometimes as diverse as their employers, ranging from BuzzFeed to IBM and from economics to robotics:

  • Ted Bailey, founder and CEO, Dataminr
  • Rob Bearden, CEO, Hortonworks
  • Don Duet, co-head of technology division, Goldman Sachs
  • Rob Fergus, research scientist, Facebook; assistant professor, New York University
  • Seeta Gangadharan, senior research fellow, Open Technology Institute; fellow, Data & Society Research Institute
  • Ky Harlin, director of data science…

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