North Korea’s internet takes a hit on Monday


North Korea’s internet went down on Monday, following a weekend of spotty coverage, according to multiple news reports. The outage comes only days after President Obama said that the U.S. “will respond proportionally” to North Korea regarding the FBI’s allegations that the solitary nation was responsible for the immense hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The North Korean internet outage was spotted by Dyn Research’s director of Internet analysis Doug Madory who told several news organizations that the country’s four networks that connect to the rest of the internet were offline. Bloomberg News noted that North Korea’s four networks (in comparison, the U.S. has over 152,000 similar networks) all pass through China.

Madory was not able to declare whether someone was indeed hacking North Korea, but he told Bloomberg News, “It is kind of out of the ordinary. This is not like anything I’ve seen before.”

The Dyn Research director…

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