Here Lets You Inform People You’ve Arrived With A Selfie


In some ways, 2014 could be considered the year of the single purpose app, where a single feature often is the app. The likes of Yo have taken this idea to its extreme. But, either way, there’s certainly merit to keeping things simple.

Enter Here (not to be confused with Nokia’s mapping platform of the same name), an iOS app designed to make it quick and easy to inform people you’ve arrived at your planned destination.

From the same London-based startup behind Lowdown — an app that helps you prepare for meetings — Here lets you send a push notification (for those who also have the app installed) or an automated email to meeting attendees once you arrive.

To ‘check in’, you simply tap the Here button, and select a scheduled meeting from your phone’s calendar, and, presuming your calendar entry includes attendee contact details, each attended is pinged. Alternatively…

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