Meet Jeremy Cowart, A Photographer Who Snaps The Homeless With A High-Tech Light Ring And Cellphone


Some folks look away from homelessness. Jeremy Cowart looks straight at it, with kindness.

Cowart is a Nashville-based celebrity photographer and founded Help-Portrait, a global event that invites photographers to shoot and print portraits of the homeless in an effort to help people “smile, come together, and remember.” The last event, held in early December, resulted in over 40,000 portraits worldwide.

Cowart has begun using the tools of mobile photography – a ring of programmable LED lights and an iPhone – to shoot the homeless in his town. Cowart’s goal is to give homelessness a face by taking and printing beautiful portraits of people in need.

“In 2008 I decided I wanted to do something a little more meaningful,” he said. “I just went locally and did a photo shoot for them locally in Nashville. I realized this could be a bigger thing so I put the word out…

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