Some experts don’t believe North Korea was involved in Sony hack


Now that Sony’s controversial movie The Interview is being streamed online via Google Play and other services, many are celebrating this as a gesture of defiance towards North Korea, and the dictatorship’s threats related to the film’s release — allegedly the reason for the hack that hit Sony earlier this month. But do we know for a fact that North Korea was the mastermind behind this attack? A number of prominent security analysts aren’t so sure.

There was much debate about the actual culprit following the release of Sony’s hacked emails, until the FBI said that it had conclusive evidence that North Korea was involved. But security experts like Bruce Schneier and Marc Rogers — a security analyst for the content-delivery network Cloudflare — say they don’t see the federal agency’s evidence as being all that persuasive. Here’s a look at what the FBI claims, and what skeptics like…

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