Spying on your pet is now easy (and addictive) with Petcube


For one week, I became a helicopter cat parent.

I had just placed a Petcube, a palm-sized cube that contains a camera, speaker and laser-pointer, on my bookshelf. With a few taps on my iPhone I could suddenly watch a live feed of my cat, Hobbes, from anywhere in the world.

I discovered two things. One, my cat is really boring. I had imagined him jumping up as soon as we left to climb all the forbidden shelves and scratch the couch. But no, he just sleeps. Two, once I had the option to check in on Hobbes, it became a necessity. His well-being became a constant worry, instead of something to leave for when I got home. I had become one of those parents that texts their kids “hey what r u doing” every half hour.

Hobbes pounces on his prey. Hobbes pounces on his prey, as seen from the Petcube app’s livestream.

With those lessons…

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