Meeting The Challenges In Mobile Health Innovation


Editor’s note: Sumit Mehra is CTO of Y Media Labs.

Preventing disease is the Holy Grail of modern medicine. Many diseases plaguing society today are chronic and brought on by lifestyle choices; others have their roots in genetic or environmental factors. Either way, the ability of the healthcare community to prevent disease is heavily influenced by information. Gather the right data with enough warning time to impact the outcome, and most diseases can be minimized — or even eliminated.

Mobile health technology has the potential to fill this void. Applications, devices and technologies behind the “quantified-self” movement are exploding in number, precisely because of their power to collect, interpret and communicate the personal health data professionals so desperately need.

The future becomes even brighter as the walls of big data come down. Medical data has languished in silos for a long time, but that’s no longer the case…

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