The Future Of Wearable Technology Is In The Enterprise (At Least For Now)


The first iteration of Google Glass was a flop with consumers (almost from the beginning), most wearables ultimately go unworn, and even boosters bemoan the state of the current wearable market for consumers.

Amid all the gloom there’s one trillion dollar bright-spot for the wearable marketplace. From the voice activated communication and logistics devices made by Theatro, to the software platforms developed by APX  Labs and Augmate, and the robotic exoskeletons like Lockheed Martin’s Fortis and HULC models or the wearable device from 1MM Corp., a startup just accepted to the R/GA accelerator in New York, for use in warehouses to reduce worker’s injuries.

“Logistics and healthcare are coming up in the marketplace,” says APX Labs chief executive Brian Ballard. “Blue collar and lab coat jobs that got skipped in the mobile revolution are the hot space for smart glasses.”


There are business cases for things like a fitbit…

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