How LG and Motorola are assailing Samsung


Since the rise of the original Galaxy S, Samsung has sat atop the Android handset market, furthering its distance over other rivals supporting the operating system over the years. The company’s dominance is particularly impressive when one considers that it is the only successful feature phone company to expand its success in the post-iPhone era.

However, with the company’s smartphone margins declining as smartphone penetration inches higher, the company is seeing reinvigorated competition from two old rival brands from its feature phone days — [company]LG[/company] and [company]Motorola[/company]. How they are taking on the Android giant represents a study in contrasting strategies. While LG has taken many pages from Samsung’s playbook, Motorola has pursued a strategy that might be called the anti-Samsung approach.

LG, of course, has long been a primary [company]Samsung[/company] competitor in both companies’ home country and around the world across a wide array of electronics products for decades. In…

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