Here’s how to secure your invite for the OnePlus 2

  • OnePlus

Just like it predecessor, OnePlus 2, the second smartphone from OnePlus will be available by invite on their official site. OnePlus confirmed on one of their community posts that some of these invites are now available.

This time around, company has made a reservation list, they also promised more inventory and quick shipping. But it will take them three weeks to ship OnePlus 2 once the invites are used.

According to the company, first invites will be given to the forum members, OnePlus buyers. There will also be contests and promotions through which other users can get invites.

If you have no patience for these processes, you can sign up your email to get on a reservation list. Unused invites will be given to people on this reservation list. Eventually everyone on the reservation list will get an invite.

These invites are valid for only 24 hours so utilise them before the time runs out. And if they want to share the invites, users will get 1-2 weeks. Number of shared invites will increase as the production ramps up.

The company also hinted at the availability of physical invite cards, but there is no official confirmation on that.

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