It just got way easier to order Subway

It’s teamed up with PayPal for the mobile payments.

Subway is the latest – and reportedly largest – restaurant to embrace mobile. The sandwich-making chain announced that it now allows users to order their very own delicatessen creations from their smartphones.

Subway, which has 27,000 stores across the U.S., allows consumers to make the order and then pick up the food, Buzzfeed reported. People can also now make orders via their desktops on the Subway website.

TechCrunch reported that the ability to order online was soft launched in the fall, although now it’s being promoted by the chain on a mass scale. In order to process the payments, it’s teamed up with a company that PayPal acquired.

Per the article:

Subway had actually quietly launched a mobile payment solution in its app last fall, but only began discussing the details more publicly this May as it needed time to train staff and work out the kinks. It still hasn’t made a huge, splashy public debut, however – though that will change later this year as Subway begins to advertise its mobile ordering and payments app for iOS and Android.

“The PayPal customer base is very complimentary to the customer base that would frequent Subway restaurants,” Ken Moy, Subway’s director of global payments and emerging commerce, told TechCrunch.

“So bringing together the convenience of what PayPal will enable us to further do with our mobile app is very much in sync with what we’re trying to do – which is make it as simple as possible and as convenient for customers to buy sandwiches from us,” he continued.


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