Report: Google is distributing a business version of Glass that attaches to different glasses

It seems that Google hasn’t given up on Google Glass — it’s just taken it to a practical direction. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Google is distributing a new version of Glass for business use, in industries such as healthcare and manufacturing.

According to the report, Google won’t be heralding this new hardware in an official launch — instead opting to distribute the hardware to software developers directly.

The hardware also has a slight difference to the consumer model we’re all familiar with: it is a mini-computer attached to a button-and-hinge system designed to fit onto different kinds of glasses. In theory, this could make the Google Glass for Business adaptable, and able to attach onto protective eyewear needed when working in labs or factories. They can also be removable and put away easily, rather than caring for a fragile wearable.

The report also mentions that the consumer model isn’t dead, but that a new one is “at least a year away.”

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