Vodafone turns to QR codes for ‘simpler’ pay-as-you-go top-ups

QR codes look like they’re really starting to catch on, and Vodafone’s not one to turn down a reserved seat on the bandwagon. As part of a new trial, the UK carrier has teamed up with mobile payments renegade PowaTag so pay-as-you-go customers can top up their balances with just a quick scan of a QR code. All you need is the PowaTag app for Android and iOS, a linked payment method, and the desire to go hunt down a compatible QR code. It shouldn’t be too advanced a game of hide-and-seek, though, since you’ll find the codes on posters and such at Vodafone, Argos, Tesco, Co-op and BrightHouse stores, with Asda, Sainsbury’s and Wilko joining the party next month. Once located, you scan the code, select a top-up amount and Bob’s your uncle. As Vodafone puts it: “topping up really just got that easy.” Easier than topping up online, through the Vodafone app, over the phone or at cash points? Hmmmm, OK…


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